Track Your State Refund

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In general you will need to know your Social Security Number (SSN), adjusted gross income or household income, and anticipated return amount. You may also reach your respective state’s tax department by going to their treasury website or by calling a state treasury helpline.

Alabama Tax Refund              Louisiana Tax Refund                       Oklahoma Tax Refund

Alaska Tax Refund**              Maine Tax Refund                              Oregon Tax Refund

Arizona Tax Refund                Maryland Tax Refund                        Pennsylvania Tax Refund

Arkansas Tax Refund             Massachusetts Tax Refund             Rhode Island Tax Refund

California Tax Refund            Michigan Tax Refund                        South Carolina Tax Refund

Colorado Tax Refund             Minnesota Tax Refund                      South Dakota Tax Refund**

Connecticut Tax Refund        Mississippi Tax Refund                     Tennessee Tax Refund**

Delaware Tax Refund             Missouri Tax Refund                          Texas Tax Refund**

District of Columbia                Montana Tax Refund                         Utah Tax Refund

Florida Tax Refund**              Nebraska Tax Refund                         Vermont Tax Refund***

Georgia Tax Refund                Nevada Tax Refund**                         Virginia Tax Refund

Hawaii Tax Refund                 New Hampshire  Tax Refund**        Washington Tax Refund**

Idaho Tax Refund                    New Jersey Tax Refund                     West Virginia Tax Refund

Illinois Tax Refund                  New Mexico Tax Refund                    Wisconsin Tax Refund

Indiana Tax Refund                New York Tax Refund                         Wyoming Tax Refund**

Iowa Tax Refund                     North Carolina Tax Refund

Kansas Tax Refund                North Dakota Tax Refund

Kentucky Tax Refund             Ohio Tax Refund


** These states do require you to file a personal state income tax return.

*** Theses states do not have a website for their tax refund and can only be reached by telephone to check on your refund status.